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An action plan for getting to the goals behind the questions.

As researchers, we ignore at our peril the critical step of discovering the goals behind our stakeholders’ questions. We may test the wrong thing, do the wrong tasks, or ask the wrong questions of the stakeholder. There are significant risks that we will miss what we really need to learn.

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You’ve done beautiful, generative research. You’ve analyzed and condensed your data down to meaningful persona details. You have chosen some great photos — photos that reflect characteristics, diversity, and empathy. Your persona is beautifully shined up with visual design. Your personas, you believe, are ready to go.

You deliver your personas out to the organization, and they go, precisely…nowhere. No one ever uses or touches them again.

The next thing…

Happy ux researcher celebrating that decision makers took action on her results and recommendations.
Article originally published on LinkedIn

Change the order of how you present your findings, add one bold thing, and watch the magic happen.

When we deliver research reports, we want our findings to inspire and spark action, and the right action, rooted in the data we so painstakingly discovered, analyzed, and packaged.

For our work to be taken seriously, and actually used, we must capture and hold decision-makers attention, then leave them confident…

Laura Faulkner PhD

Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, Research, Inspiration, User Experience, Technology

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